What about Calhonda Beach?

Calahonda beach is a legendary spot in Malaga. It is tranquil with a beautiful view alongside a great town to explore. Bringing the kids is also a great idea as one can find a tourist aparment with children neat Calahonda beach with ease. Here are some spots to check out once you book tourist apartments in Calahonda Beach.

Calahonda Beach- Of course check out the beach everyone is raving about. Walk along the beach or the board walk for some sightseeing and light exercise.

Pal´s Bar- Exhaulted bar by those who have been. Great drinks on the cheaper side, WIFI if you need it and you can bring the kids along too!

Torre Ladrones- Hike to this ancient tower to see a little bit of old time Spain.
Dating back to 1497 (Wow) when Spain was under Muslim control. This was a watchtower that still stands today.

Parque Princesa Diana- Stroll through this public park and breathe in the nature. With tons of flowers and a few animals such as chickens and rabbits, its a great time to relax and enjoy a park.