3 tips to enjoy the first weekend with your half Hoteles en Andalucia

The first romantic break is crucial for all couples. Here we give you some tips to make it a success.

  • Make concessions. Do you dream of sleeping under the stars and your half to book a luxury villa in Sotogrande for a romantic weekend? In order to avoid any tension, it is important to make compromises, if one chooses the accommodation, the other can, for example, choose the activities.

  • Enjoy the present moment. Have you booked a luxury villa in Stogrande for a break but are you still working? This behavior may cause you to miss beautiful moments and create a fight with your half. Why not take advantage of this trip to completely disconnect and spend time with your partner?

  • Do not make a comparison. This is common sense but it is useful to remind: do not choose a place where you went with your ex. In the same way, avoids any remark in relation with the habits or tastes that you shared with your previous partner.